Critical care department.

Our department  is driven by excellence. For more than three consecutive decades since 1982, we have been ranked the most experienced , appreciated and successful multidisciplinary intensive care facility allover the nation. We are among the most recognizable heavy weight intensive care departments both regionally and internationally. we insist on delivering expert clinical and scientific care to our patients besides high quality and updated training of our residents, fellows and nurses.

Our Vision

The department of critical care medicine is a multidisciplinary, multi-specialty facility dedicated to the embodiment of highest quality Patient-centered Care of the Critically.

Our Mission

The department of critical care medicine aims to provide high quality compassionate care to patients at risk for or with existing critical illness. And to educate health-care providers in the care of the critically ill; our remit from education is local, regional and national. Also to perform innovative research that will improve the care of the critically ill patient.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Improving survival rates of intensive care patients
  • Improving the ongoing quality of life for ICU survivors
  • Increasing the magnitude and quality of trained and certified ICU physician, nurses and technicians
  • Growing corporate sponsorship and developing new collaborative partnerships in relevant research fields

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